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It is important to look after your garden including the shrubbery and trees so that it lasts its desired lifetime and lives a prolonged life. If you are unsure as to which fertiliser is the one for you then our team can offer you professional and experienced advice to make sure you are choosing the most suitable fertiliser for your plants and turf.

Your plants need three of the essential elements to survive, these are potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen. If they do not get enough levels of these nutrients your plants can have stunted growth, deformities in later life and grow as a sick plant. To avoid this we strongly advise applying fertiliser and growth boosters at the right time in their development to support them with their journey to a fully grown plant.

& Fertilisers

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Our Organic Ingredients

The organic ingredients we use here at Bernard Crook Garden Services Ltd are able to support your plants through their growth process. The organic manure we use are also good for the environment and can improve the quality of your plant and ground in which they are growing. As well as compost we stock:

  • Manure
  • Top Soil
  • Organic Compost
  • Aggregates
  • Soil Improvers
  • Mulch and Bark
  • Ericaceous Compost

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